“I have taken advantage of the chiropractic services of Dr. Floyd Minana for over 20 years. More recently I have benefitted from his herbal supplement treatments.

Due to a hereditary back issue plus balance problems causing falls, strains, and injuries to different parts of my body including three whiplashes, I feel I’m in as good a shape as I am due to Dr. Minana’s treatments. I have a great sensitivity to medications and refuse to take opiates, so the answer for me was simple….get a doctor that could keep me going. None of the doctors I saw wanted to do anything but muscle relaxants and stronger medication. I have found the 4 chiropractors I’ve worked with over the last 30 years to be excellent. One retired and two moved out of the area. Then I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Minana over 20 years ago and he has stayed in this area for years making it easy for me to access him and his services.

I’ve been to physical therapy for many of my issues, but found the exercises I was instructed to do my Dr. Minana were easier to make into a daily habit, which added to my well being.

I recently had an unsuccessful knee clean up surgery with a sever swelling problem. Finally able to get the swelling to subside with an Herbal supplement given to me by Dr. Minana. I’m about to turn 74 and feel as well as I do and am able to be as active as I am because of Dr. Minana’s care.”

Pat M San Mateo

“I met Dr. Minana by way of referral from my prior chiropractor when I moved to San Mateo. I was weary about going to a new chiropractor because I had known my first chiropractor for about 8 years. Well, it’s been over 5 years now since my first visit with Dr Minana, and he’s seen me through soccer injuries and one really bad lower back injury.

“I’ve always been very comfortable talking with him and he’s a great listener–he wants to get to the root of the problem in your body so that you can”
Ivan J Fremont

“For many years I felt that I did not need a chiropractor despite suffering plenty of aches and pains. When faced with debilitating neck and shoulder pain a friend convinced me to try Dr. Miñana. It took a couple of months of treatment, along with using recommended equipment and exercises at home, to achieve success. At last I was sleeping well and able to drive a car without pain again. Many thanks to Dr. M!”
Ken K Redwood City, CA

“Dr. Minana has been my chiropractor for over ten years. He got me through climbing Mt. Whitney and getting my black belt! Going to him periodically has enabled me to stay active and nip problems before they become more serious. I especially appreciate that he doesn’t do the twist and crack method!”
Linda B San Mateo, CA

“Dr. Miñana was recommended by a fellow student at the martial arts studio where I train. With my most recent bout of back pain, I had tried medications, weeks of physical therapy, and even electrical stimulation. Nothing worked this time around. Dr. Miñana was able to relieve my debilitating back pain through his careful evaluation and manipulations of my lower back. Within no time I was back at the studio able to train again, and over time I have returned to performing spinning, jumping ,back”
Thomas S Redwood City, CA

“My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Minana for over 20 years. He consistently assesses and gently treats the underlying cause(s) of discomfort, pain, tightness, or constrained range of motion. His caring and methodical approach and treatment is both efficient and effective. He also recommends specific exercises to promote a stronger and more flexible body.

“Dr. Minana only recommends treatments which are necessary. He’s a humble man who has a sense of humor and who cares about us!”
Bruce I Redwood City, CA

“I was having some difficulty with my left shoulder last year and finally decided to have a chiropractor take a look at it to see if it could be fixed. In fact it had been bugging me for two years of so, but it had just become so much worse that I had to do something. It turns out that my shoulder was not operating properly due to some weak muscles. After some strengthening exercises and a few visits the pain diapered. Why didn’t I go see Dr. Minana sooner. I would highly recommend Dr. Minana”
Randy M Sunnyvale, CA